Fan sucking air in for a couple of minutes after shutdown

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Fan sucking air in for a couple of minutes after shutdown

Postby Zanic L3 » Mon May 28, 2018 12:21 pm

2009 2.0 TSI DSG

A few days ago the outside temps reached a little bit above 30°C (that's what the display said). I nearly everyday drive the car for around 30-45 mins, some parts of the driving are hard and highway but only if the engine temp has reached past 90°C otherwise, I take care of it and keep it really low in revs (DSG).

After shutting down it will start sucking in air (front) for a couple of (5) minutes? Is this normal?
I'm assuming it is to help cool down the engine down after it was hard (I believe the engine temp was around 100-102°C) and it was hot as well outside.

Last summer (when we got the car) it did do the same thing as well and didn't really make any fuss of it all. But it didn't happen yesterday where I did read it out on the display that the ambient temp was around 27°C and it was driven the same way. So I'm guessing it only happens when the ambient temps are +30°C?


The car is going for the DSG maintenance in a week. Currently has 70k km's but should have been done at 60k.
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Re: Fan sucking air in for a couple of minutes after shutdow

Postby Cuprabob » Mon May 28, 2018 12:38 pm

It's normal in high ambient temperatures for the radiator fans to run on after engine is shut off for a period. There is also an electric secondary cooling pump that operates after switch off to keep coolant circulating to.prevent headstock. The coolant temperature at switch off will determine whether the secondary pump and radiator fans operate
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