New Ignition Switch?

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New Ignition Switch?

Postby Quaffer » Tue Jan 05, 2021 2:49 pm


I have what I read is a common fault on my 58 plate 2.0 gt tsi. It's the windows behaving erratically when i start the car or turn it off, they repeatedly drop an inch then back up in a 'juddering' fashion. I've also had the alarm go off on a couple of occasions. Took it to my garage today to have fault codes read and a load popped up related to the Ignition Switch;

00576 - Terminal 15 Electrical Problem in circuit
00883 - Ignition switch (D) Terminal S Problem in circuit
00885 - Ignition switch (D) Terminal 50 Problem in circuit
00884 - Ignition switch (D) Terminal X Problem in circuit

Has anyone else had this problem? Did a new ignition switch solve it and how much, whats involved etc?
Much appreciated.
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