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General Information

Many people have complained regarding the lack of compatibility of the VW OEM bluetooth kits. They usually involve either having an external screen visible somewhere within the car, or they only support Nokia's rSap protocol which; as the name suggests, is only supported by Nokia and a select few other makes/models.

The alternative to this system is the Fiscon Basic or Basic Plus setup by Kufatec. It is a third party extra but by far offers the most features, best compatibility and the only visible component is a small microphone at the top of the A pillar.

Version Comparison


The Fiscon Basic version includes the following:

  • Integration into the MFD (doesn't matter if you have the red or white display)
  • Range of Languages
  • A2DP Audio Streaming
  • SMS Short message display if supported by phone
  • Integration with Multifunction Wheel or Indicator Storks
  • Microphone adjustment
  • Unlimited future software updates
  • If you have a red MFD you can also display core stats from the car like Boost Pressure and Oil Temperature

Basic Plus

The Fiscon Basic Plus (+) version includes all of the features of Basic but also includes:

  • Full integration with the RCD/RNS 510 media systems. You get a searchable phone book and one touch dial you your six favorite numbers.


My kit was installed by Richter Sport at one of their free fitting days. It took them about 5 minutes to install.

Various posts on the Scirocco Central forum indicate that you can install the system quite easily by yourself, but if you have a 2010 model car they you may need VAG-COM to code the changes. Anyone with more experience of installation is welcome to expand this section.

Additional for self installs

To install yourself, first carefully lever off the trim around the radio face using a plastic trim tool and unscrew the 4 x torx 20 screws holding the radio in. Next remove the drivers end dash trim covering the fuse box, there are 3 clips holding it on as shown DSC02091.jpg DSC02093.jpg DSC02094.jpg

To assist installation and routing the mircophone cable you can loosen the upper A-pillar trim as follows and tack the cable in place, alternatively you may be able to just slide the cable under the edge of the trim ensuring the door seal does not get stuck behind.

Loosening the upper A-pillar trim requires removal of the middle A-pillar section, this is done by popping the top clip out of the hole shown and then lifting out DSC02098.jpg

To loosen the upper A-pillar you must first remove the airbag pillar clip, it is designed as a sacrificial part but if you are careful it can be removed without breaking and reused, it has 4 lugs on the rear as shown that need coaxing


Behind this there is a clip the requires releasing. To release use a slim flat bladed screw driver, insert at the top (closest to the roof lining) and press the clip down towards the dash. Warning: it is fiddly and frustrating. This trim does not require fully removing. DSC02103.jpg

Once released run the microphone cable down the upper A-pillar trim (you can see I have roughly taped mine in place, also shows the clip from the step above) DSC02097.jpg

At this point remove the radio fully. This requires unplugging the quad lock from the back, make sure to twist the clasp up 90 degrees to release. Next is to plug the Fiscon wiring loom and module into this quad lock from the rear of the radio, the Fiscon wiring loom has a quad lock that will plug into the back of the radio.

Next the microphone cable then needs running to the rear of the radio, I found it easiest to do this by taking it down into the footwell at the base of the steering wheel then up to the rear of where the radio will sit, I used a garden plant cane to assist. DSC02099.jpg

Now all that is left is to plug the microphone into the Fiscon wiring loom (secure any loose/excess cable), bring the radio back ready to offer up to its hole and plug the Fiscon loom quad lock into the radio. Feed the excess loom and Fiscon module in behind the radio and begin to slide the radio back in, it may take a couple of goes to find a place for the module to sit without stopping the radio from going all the way back. Once the radio is in happily screw the 4 x Torx 20 screws back in, replace radio trim and replace upper A-pillar, middle A-pillar and dash end trim. (Upper A-pillar trim needs pushing back into place square on & may need a solid tap from your fist to push it home.

To code the Fiscon (definitely applicable for MY2010 pre week 45 White MFD) in the installation list of module 19 (CAN Gateway) number 77 (Telephone) requires ticking then safe coding and exit. Switch ignition off for a few seconds and then on again for coding to take effect. The bluetooth PIN when connecting a phone to the Fiscon is 1234


The installation and usage guide can be downloaded here.


Here are a few screenshots from the Basic Plus version:






This is an example picture from the red MFD. This is on both the basic and basic plus versions:


Known Issues

A2DP and Mdi Conflicts

This has been noticed with the Apple iPhone.

Since the iPhone 3.0 software was released (over a year ago now) the iPhone has supported A2DP streaming. The problem arises because we already have a method of playing audio in the car with an iPhone or iPod through the Mdi connector under the armrest. The Fiscon system and the Mdi interface have a battle over who can control the audio and it seems as though the Fiscon system wins. This takes away control from the steering wheel controls and seriously reduces the audio quality.

There are a couple of things you can do...

The first is when you turn your car on and you get the 'Connecting' message from Fiscon on the screen, wait until this has completed and then plug your phone into the Mdi connector. Once the bluetooth has initialised the dock connector on the iPhone should have priority.

The alternative method is once the iPhone is plugged in to the Mdi interface, open the iPod app on the phone. You should get a screen that says accessory connected but at the bottom on the black bar, you should see a little speaker symbol with some text on the left displaying 'Kufatec '. If you tap the speaker symbol, you should get a prompt that allows you to change the audio out to point at the dock connector. Unfortunately, it doesn't remember this setting and it has to be done every time the phone is connected.

I did try to research and find out whether it was possible to disable the A2DP profile on the iPhone but alas this isn't possible without jailbreaking and messing around with plist files. I think we've got more chance waiting for Fiscon to allow an option to disable the A2DP open in the MFD menus.

It's also probably worth mentioning that the Fiscon guys are apparently working on a fix for this so the above steps should only be a temporary measure. I guess this would also work for the 2nd generation iPod Touch as well but I can't verify this.