When Is My Next Service

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How can I find out when the next service is due?

Sitting in the car with the seat belt on and ignition ON (so no errors on the MFD) press and hold the odometer reset button "0.0" for more than 2 seconds. The MFD will then show days/miles to next service. How much time/distance is left can fluctuate depended on your driving style, if it's set for long life instead of time and distance.

Please note that this service indicator tells when the next service WITH oil change is due. It does not indicate when the intermediate services WITHOUT oil change are due.

You can reset the service indicator if you did a service with an oil change yourself. With the ignition OFF, press and hold the odometer reset button "0.0" while you turn on the ignition. The MFD will say "Service now". Confirm by pressing the "MIN" button opposite the "0.0".