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How To Install The Smokers Pack

Thanks to Alurt

Disclaimer: This is how I fitted my Smoker's Pack. If you're not confident, competent or unsure, take it to the Dealer and let them do it. If I've forgotten any steps then I apologise, but I won't be coming round to fix your car, or paying for any bits you break.

If you decide to go ahead, read all this before you do, and make sure you understand where things might go wrong

Hi all,

When I bought my car, it was already built and in the country. The one option I wanted that the car didn't have was the "Smoker's Pack", not because I'm a smoker, just that I don't like open cubby holes...

After several requests, the dealer told me that the Smoker's Pack could not be dealer fitted to the car. The "...only way is to swap the interior with a car that already has..." the pack fitted.

Undeterred, I gave up with the sales-know-nothing and went to service. They told me that it could be done, but involved removing the centre console, parts and labour would be about £180.

Next port of call was the parts department. I ordered the parts myself, total cost just over £53 including VAT. A lot of money for a £15 option, but I don't like the look of it as it is...


A point of interest, the 2008 Golf appears to have the same centre console as the Scirocco, and the ashtray moulding has the same part number. You can get differently finished ashtray lid covers and trim panels for Golf. The options available are Black, Anthracite Bright Metal (grey), Wood Inlay, Aluminium Decorative Inlay, Aluminium "Engine Spin", Anthracite/Aluminium "Engine Spin" and Aluminium Mineral. The Scirocco parts list just shows the black one. The Golf list also describes a "Stowage Compartment instead of Ashtray" as an alternative part number for the ashtray moulding, this is probably what I actually wanted, as I don't need an "ashtray", but without an illustration I can't be sure.

I ordered the ashtray moulding, black lid cover, and black trim panel. I didn't order the removable "ashtray", and didn't bother with the cigarette lighter either, it's not for smoking.

The parts came last week so I picked them up this morning and dived in to fit them.

First point, which probably won't surprise many people here, some of the dealers don't seem to know what they're talking about. It took less than an hour to fit, and and that was with me carefully feeling my way. And the centre console doesn't have to come out.

Lift out the gearlever gaiter to exposes the two Torx screws that hold down the rear edge of the cubby-hole moulding. To do this, put your fingers into the soft gaiter at the back of the gearlever and pull upwards but slightly forwards towards the dash you will feel the first two clips release. Now gently release all the others. What should happen is that the gearlever, gaiter and matt black surround trim that butts up to the esp and acc buttons will come out as one then you can lift it up over the gear lever so you can access the torx screws.



Remove the screws and lift up the back edge of the cubby-hole so that you can see the wiring to the 12V socket and whatever switches your car has.



Unplug the connectors, remember to press the locking tabs in so the come off easily. The connectors are colour-coded so they go back where they came from. Pull out the clip that holds the wiring loom to the underside of the cubby-hole.


Lift the cubby-hole with the switches and 12V socket up and back over the gearlever, and you now have a hole to fit your new ashtray into.


You will have to pop the switches, indicators and blanks out of the cubby-hole moulding so that you can fit them to the ashtray moulding. When you push the switches out, be VERY CAREFUL of the shiny metal tabs on the front and back of each switch that hold them into the moulding. If you don't hold them in place as you push the switch out they will come off the switch. If they do, it's not a disaster. Lift the bottom edge of the switch moulding and slide the metal clip back into the two groves that locate it. Then be more careful next time.

Removing the 12V Socket was a little more tricky. Unclip the black connector protector from the bottom of the socket illumination, then unclip the bulb and holder from the side of the socket. This is a green plastic piece on the side. It does not slide up or down, so you need to tease back the clip arms and pull it straight out to the side. Now you must push the steel centre of the socket up through the clear plastic illuminating ring. The whole assembly won't come out in one, the steel centre seems to lock it all in place. Having pushed the steel centre out, the clear plastic ring with the 12V socket cover attached will push out. The steel centre is very securely pushed in – I found that pushing it against a hard surface (not in the car!) pushed it partially out and it came out with the plastic ring attached.

You now have all the parts to fit to the ashtray moulding.

Don't fit anything to the ashtray moulding until you have put it together.

First fit the ashtray lid cover. Two tabs locate in the rear edge of the lid, then two more tabs snap over the front edge. Make sure it's properly located, front back, and both edges, or the lid cover will catch on the ashtray moulding when you open and close the lid. Now fit the 12V socket. note the "flat" edge on the hole, and make sure you get it aligned right. Snap the clear ring and cap into place first, then push the steel centre back through the clear ring. Again, make sure that the steel centre lines up with the two tabs that snap it into the clear ring. Now snap the bulb holder back in place on the side of the socket, and refit the black contact cover. I cut a hole in the side of the bulb holder, with a Dremel, to allow light from the bulb to shine through the ashtray illumination window. Not really essential though. Now, with the ashtray lid open, fit the trim piece to the top of the ashtray moulding. Make sure that the four tags locate in the key-hole slots and slide the trim piece forward so that the front edge of the trim piece snaps over the front edge of the ashtray moulding. Make sure that the lid opens and closes without catching, and that the gap is even. If it's not, check the fit of the lid cover, and of the trim piece.

Now you can fit the switches, indicators and blanks. Note, the switches are keyed and so will only fit in certain positions. Make sure you get the switches/blanks with the two rounded corners in the extreme left and extreme right positions. The other are square and so go in the middle.

So now you have an assembled ashtray. Slide it forward and down into the space that used to be occupied by the cubby hole. Reconnect the switches/indicators and 12V socket. Clip the loom to the underside of the moulding. Carefully slide the connected assembly into place and push it down so that the screw holes line up with the holes in the centre console.

Now check that it's all working before you screw it down, switch functions, illumination, and the 12V socket.

Screw the assembly down and refit the gearlever gaiter.

You're done.



So what would I do differently... I'll have to order the removable "ashtray" part. You'll see from the picture of the open ashtray that there are holes in the bottom of the moulding, and that there's also some ant-rattle mechanism for the lid. If it's to be at all useful for putting things in, it need a bottom without holes. It's certainly a smaller space than the cubby-hole, but I much prefer the look of it.

Good luck with yours... :)