Changing a headlight bulb

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Changing Headlight Lamps - Halogens


Looking into the right hand side dipped beam rear access hole after the rubber cap is removed. The outer most rubber cap of the three.

The trick is to stand by the wing at the back edge of the left side headlight and face your body forward. Then put your left hand (righthand dipped) into the hole and clasp the plastic "fin" between your 1st and 2nd fingers. Now twist anti-clockwise and it should fall out. Same for the left dipped beam, stand by the left wing at the back edge of the headlight, with your body facing forward and use your right hand. Again grip the plastic "fin" with 1st and 2nd fingers and twist.




The left side is slightly more difficult because the fusebox position nearby.

When refitting, offer up the bulb holder at 25 - 30 off-set anti-clockwise with the electrical contacts on the correct side and insert it into the back of the headlight unit until it is seated. Then twist clockwise until you hear/feel the electrical contacts click home.


Fairly easy once you know the technique......

The method is the same for both sides. It is not left and right handed when pushing the Lamp's Black rear Connector.

On each Headlight Unit, take off the inner most rubber cap directly behind the Main Beam Lamp positions. Do not remove the Black Connector as seen in the photo below. Push this Black Connector sideways to the left in a horizontal arc. The mounting frame of the Lamp itself should loosen from the Headlight Frame on its right hand side. Once it feels slightly loose, stop the sideways arc movement.


Now gently pull the Lamp backwards slightly using the Black Connector as a finger hold. When the Lamp's metal frame is totally free from the Headlight Mounting Frame, straighten the Lamp up with straight ahead alignment and extract the glass bulb carefully.

You then have the Lamp as shown below. Pull the Black connector off and fit the replacement Lamp, taking care not to hold the glass bulb part at any time.


Fitting is the reverse, ie. offer the Lamp up to the Headlight Mounting Frame. Put the glass through the Headlight Mounting Frame hole, then skew it horizontally slightly to the leftside at the rear of the Lamp and push home in an horizontal arc to the right using the Black Connector. Use a mirror to make sure the Lamp is seated properly in the rear Mounting Frame of the Headlight.