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How To Make The Alarm Beep

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NB: This only works on MY2009 cars with the red MFD. MY2010 cars (white MFD), don't have the central conv module no.46. Instead, the alarm bleep is a single tick box option for lock/unlock in the Central Instruments module no.9

Connect VAG-COM / VCDS (I used v805.3 at the time) and select the control module bit


Click on 46-Central Conv.


Click on Coding 07


Click on Long Coding Helper

Select Byte 11 (circled below)

Make sure Bits 0-3 are checked


Now, when you lock the car the indicators will flash and the alarm will beep once to confirm. It isn't particularly loud though, and I haven't figured out how to get the horn to parp instead like on most US cars.