DSG clutch gone, how much for repair?

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DSG clutch gone, how much for repair?

Postby olliek92 » Mon Mar 09, 2020 3:37 pm

Hi all,

So I've had a disastrous week. I sold my Audi 2.0 TDI to swap a diesel for a petrol so I don't have to pay congestion charge in Birmingham.

Bought a 1.4L TSI Scirocco (2010) for 5300. Running fine apart from a slight steering wheel shudder at above 70mph. I thought it could be a wheel tracking issue so not a major issue.

Gave the car its first test yesterday and drove around Snowdonia national park. On the way back (A5) when accelerating from a roundabout I felt a few slips/judders. Eventually the slips turned into the yellow oil light flashing and the EPC warning light came on.

Lost power to the throttle, had to drive it slowly to the hard shoulder to take a look at it. I thought it could be oil overheating due to a long drive, but it's much worse than that.

I took it to get a diagnostic this morning and I was told: "Fault code coming up saying clutch one of two has exceeded its limit."

I was told to take it to a gearbox specialist. Just called them and said it's around £900 including labour to fit a new clutch. Is this about right? A major kick in the teeth as i've only just bought it.

Other info:

DSG 7-speed gearbox
91,000 miles
Had a recent service
Bought privately, not from dealer :grumpy:

Thanks all
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