Best coil overs for price

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Best coil overs for price

Postby Scuby » Thu Aug 22, 2019 11:34 am

Any suggestions on good coil overs for a decent price, not looking at spending thousands

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Re: Best coil overs for price

Postby chelspeed » Thu Aug 29, 2019 12:18 pm

A shock absorber is a very complex device with many moving parts, seals, pressure parts. It has complex valving within a small piston. It has oil and a gas pressurisation. You need to design it, build it to a high degree of precision, test it, ship it round the world, store it, advertise and sell it.

So to do all this - to a decent standard - means the supplier spending a considerable amount of money. So the chance of you buying four of them - of a decent quality - for a small price is remote.

With shock absorbers you get cheap ones or you get quality ones. You can't get cheap ones of a decent quality. So spend a decent amount on after market shocks or keep the OEM you already have.

Of course the ironic thing is that if you bolt on million lb/in springs the shock will never get to move so it doesn't matter how rubbish the shock absorber internals are.

If you want to see how good proper shocks are watch the WRC, particularly 100 lakes (Rally Sweden) or Portugal, cars take off over massive jumps at silly mph, fly 30 or 40m about 3m in the air then land, the shocks compress once and just absorb all the motion in one smooth compression, no drama, no bouncing, no loss of traction. Very impressive.
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