Is DAB radio discernably better than FM or is it hype?

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Is DAB radio discernably better than FM or is it hype?

Postby Alol » Sun Apr 28, 2019 10:36 am

As per title guys, trying to acquire RNS510 DAB unit. They seem quite rare compared to used FM ones. Is it worth the extra from a sound point of view. Or would I be better served trying to upgrade my Speakers to the Dynaudio ones?
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Re: Is DAB radio discernably better than FM or is it hype?

Postby Cuprabob » Sun Apr 28, 2019 10:47 am

With regards to DAB, I would say it's more about the choice and number of stations you can listen to, although the sound quality is slightly better than FM, I would say it's not worth it for that reason alone. It also depends on what DAB reception is like in your area.
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Re: Is DAB radio discernably better than FM or is it hype?

Postby Billc » Sun Apr 28, 2019 6:19 pm

The major advantage of DAB for me is that you can get Test Match Special on it (and other 5 Live Sport Xtra live broadcasts)! :D I do find the sound a bit crisper than FM.
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Re: Is DAB radio discernably better than FM or is it hype?

Postby Mando » Wed May 08, 2019 5:45 pm

Hey up mate,
Ive found, it depends on the station compression ratio also, the classic rock 70s 80s etc are all compressed to hell (so think like 128kbit quality mp3 sound), but BBC etc are not so much and are vastly superior to FM on a good head unit (320kbit quality mp3 idea) DAB aint ever going to sound like FLAC in its current form if your wanting top class sound source however, say if you have a full ICE setup, with sub and components/amplified setup, you want 320kbit mp3 if running off a device or FLAC if your aftermarket head unit supports it. I replaced me 310 out of my old rocco with a Pioneer Dab unit, but more for bluetooth and better usb device jukebox support tbh. (running a 375gb Evo 860 M2 mini-ssd in glovebox) JBL amps and speakers upgrade. CTS do a steering wheel joystick convertor that works a treat, I dont miss the old VW unit.

At its best its like playing a CD, at its worst its silence, its signal or no signal, i kind of miss the fm fade least u didnt lose it completely. When i fitted an aftermarket, it drove me mad enough to buy a dual fakra to FM ant adapter so it can fall back to FM in such situations/locations around the NE of Scotland. Oh and 1st world problem, but there is too much choice with DAB, sounds stupid but its like going from 5 tv channels to sky premium package, you end up on your usual 5 from predab days lol.

speaking of which, i see a lot of FM to DAB adapter/convertors CTS do one and the usual chinese copies, anyone had success with them with the side window fakras?

My FM adapter ... 0008.m2219

Anyone had success with items similar to below?
Ive ordered one to see if it works, ... ctupt=true
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Re: Is DAB radio discernably better than FM or is it hype?

Postby Bin-The-L-Plates » Fri May 24, 2019 9:20 am

I’ve DAB in my BMW 1 Series, and to be honest as I live in an area that has poor DAB reception I hardly use it.
My preference, a little different to the OP question, is to listen to music/radio/podcasts etc through my Amazon Eco Dot which is plugged into the AUX input.
The sound quality is better, akin to a richer sound, and more importantly doesn’t drop the signal. Comparing the same song through FM/DAB/Echo Dot I prefer the Dot, that may be a BMW sound system thing though.
I might invest in another for my Scirocco, as they a cheap upgrade.
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