New Scirocco - help needed re CarPlay/OEM device

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New Scirocco - help needed re CarPlay/OEM device

Postby DanUK » Thu Aug 09, 2018 8:12 pm

Hello, I hope you can help please.

I have purchased a VOLKSWAGEN SCIROCCO GT BLUEMOTION TECH 2012 today (fabulous car which is very exciting) after trading in a Citroen DS3 from a garage. It drives like a dream...

The one downside however is that the car was changed over to a Pioneer system which doesn't work - it keeps switching off and nothing actually works on it (radio, rear view parking camera etc). The camera has been fitted and is visible above the rear registration plate.

The garage knocked some money off the price as it's clear this needs replacing.

My questions are:

1) if this were you would you go back to the standard kit or could I instead add CarPlay without much problem?

2) if I were to go for CarPlay would the following one work? It's the only one I could find on Google that seems to 'fit'.
My concern is, and I hope you can assure me, is whether this will work with the phone system (microphone in the car etc) and the messages which come up on the main control screen near the speedometer etc, whether it will work with system messages from the car and in general not limit any controls/features the car has by default, but cannot communicate with another device about. Also it would need to work with the controls on the steering wheel. ... gK2qfD_BwE

3) whether the device will fit into the void of the gap for the media system nicely? The current one doesn't and looks a bit of a mess (picture attached)

Thanks in advance for any help/guidance/reassurance you can provide!

Best wishes,
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Re: New Scirocco - help needed re CarPlay/OEM device

Postby scruffy_ » Mon Oct 22, 2018 11:13 pm

Order an RCD330G plus or R340G from AliExpress. Genuine VW unit, with all the bells and whistles. £160 or thereabouts.

Sell the pioneer and you'll be quids in.
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Re: New Scirocco - help needed re CarPlay/OEM device

Postby Recycled » Mon Nov 26, 2018 7:50 pm

Hi guys, I have a 2014 scirocco with an rns315. I’ve seen Chinese ‘VW’ CarPlay headunits on eBay for around 170 which seem to get good reviews. My question is, will I have to change the fascia, or will it fit ok? The eBay description says it’s the same size as an rcd510. Many thanks
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