Offside rear fog light issue

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Offside rear fog light issue

Post by boomgarfield17 »

Afternoon all,

I am wondering if anyone can tell me if this is a regular issue with roccos... I drive an 09 tsi 160 and it has just failed its MOT based on the offside fog light not working.

The bulb isn't the problem and when you switch fog lights on the near side light goes to fog but not offside, obviously failing. Is this a wiring problem or maybe a coding issue?

I'm wondering if it may have just been coded to European settings rather than UK hence why the wrong side becomes a fog light...

Any suggestions or fixes welcome.

Thanks in advance!!!
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Re: Offside rear fog light issue

Post by Dobber »

Hi Boomgarfield17, I have the same symptom, nearside rear foglight lit, offside not lit with an MOT fast approaching. New purchase mk3 2009 2l petrol so don't know the history beyond it having passed MOTs in the past.

Did you get yours fixed and if so, what was the cause as it may offer me a clue. I suspect wiring but you mentioned config/coding too! I was surprised your post didn't get a response which suggests not a common scenario! Thanks in anticipation, Alan
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