undetectable intake leak 1.4, new engine.

undetectable intake leak 1.4, new engine.

Postby wilq9911 » Tue Jul 27, 2021 8:31 am

Hi. Due to the fact that I have been looking for help everywhere, it's time to visit this forum. Recently, the car spent a month at an authorized VW service center but they didn't help me.

I am struggling with an interesting problem with the 1.4TSI 160HP CAVD engine. The engine has undergone a complete overhaul, I did 300km before and the connecting rod came out sideways (there was water in the entire intake and that was the main reason according to the expert.).

After this action, a reconditioned engine with the same designation was inserted along with a new turbine, sensors, clutch, etc.
The error P2279 (leaky intake system) was on in the earlier engine. After replacing the motor, the error still occurs when starting !. The 100% inlet is tight, check with smoke in 2 services. The engine and all accessories were thoroughly checked before being put in and started. Most of the hoses were replaced, IC checked, injectors checked, new PCV, new lambda probe, new NGK coils, new spark plugs, new throttle, new throttle between the compressor, additional weight for fuses, new refusal, new original engine map. e.t.c.

The engine is running perfectly. As if you could not hear it (sometimes you have to look at the tachometer if it is working because it is so quiet and without vibrations), it fires on the touch, there is no trace of any vibrations, it twists in eagerly, there is actually nothing to attach to, except for one thing ...

Well, it turned out that after the renovation, when the car is in a garage where the temperature is 15 * C, nothing really happens - we go in, fire up, and go. The problem arose when I leave the car in the sun in this heat and leave it for several hours until it cools down completely. Then, after starting the engine, the car records 3-5 shocks (as if it did not burn for 1 cylinder - it takes about 10-15 seconds, but the car does not lose revolutions) and suddenly silence and then the error remains in the memory. The opposite is true - the colder the better.

Morning turns on, you can hear bangs, etc.

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