Pre-facelift R diffuser fitting a facelift R rocco

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Pre-facelift R diffuser fitting a facelift R rocco

Postby Bornandraised71 » Mon Feb 08, 2021 10:59 am

Hi all, I have been looking everywhere for answers on this, I have seen one comment on here saying they should fit - but I wondered if anyone had actually ordered a pre-facelift carbon diffuser and fitted it to a Facelift R Car?

I love the carbon diffusor look, there are some dealers on Aliexpress stating they make an 09-16 or a 2015-17 diffuser, but its the same picture for all of them and the same pic as the prefacelift, bit dubious to spending £250-300 on a part that I cannot retun. Most of them state it will only fit pre-facelift, so I presumed there was a difference even though the bumpers look identical aprt from the air vents.

Same with Maxton to be fair, I have seen a few reseller sites saying thier pre-facelift finned diffuser also fits the facelift car, but when I asked maxton I got a blunt response to read thier website for fitting info.

Anyone ever tried to fit one and if so where did they get it from?
Si there a bit difference in sizing between the 2 bumpers and valance gaps?

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