Forge Twintercooler dimmensions

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Forge Twintercooler dimmensions

Postby BytDigit » Wed Jan 08, 2020 7:07 pm

Hi all,

My Forge twintercooler got bent in a sidewalk edge by the previous owner and I need to change it.
Still, I intend to find a cheaper option to the 500+ pounds "Twintercooler", as I need only the intercooler itself, not all the piping, and let's be honest, there are lots of intercoolers 3 times cheaper, that look the same and for sure perform the same, the main difference would be the two round ends that are longer on the Scirocco, compared, by example, to the Golf GTI one. But I have a good aluminium welder that can adapt any aluminium pipe to the correct size.
My request is, as for sure lots of you have the Forge intercooler installed: Anyone can tell me the dimmensions of the Forge twintercooler ?
Or... anyone has one (new or second hand) to sale ? ..or can point me to a site with a similar intercooler to the Forge one?

Please, and thank you in advance !
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Re: Forge Twintercooler dimmensions

Postby Paradox1 » Thu Jan 09, 2020 2:56 pm

I think they are like 57mm on each end but dont quote me. I had one but upgraded before I got a chance to fit it.

Just buy another intercooler but not from forge. They do copies that are the same but without the Forge brand on it.
Something like this ... SwveNeCyz5
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