Requesting for help on drl installation.

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Requesting for help on drl installation.

Postby Davidtiew » Mon Oct 16, 2017 7:21 pm

Hi guys , I had an old set of drl which was recently faulty and I got it changed out today by a workshop.
Bought them on the net.

These newly install drl fits without any error code .

But there was an issue. Whenever my headlights are not turned on . The drl would turn itself off whenever I was idling/not seems like it is flashing on and off while idling . Once you step on the gas it comes back again.

Noticed as well while driving without my headlights on , sometimes while I stepped on the brakes/left my foot of the accelerator, it goes off for awhile and comes back up once I step on the gas again.

Hazard lights and signal are working fine without any issue.
My previous drl didn’t had this issue of turning itself off while idling .
My drl turns on once I switch on the ignition.

I’m driving a 2011 1.4tsi

Would appreciate if anyone can advise what did the workshop do wrongly so i can get it fixed ASAP.
Don’t wish to have a flicking drl distracting the other road users .

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