MOT Advisory: Front Brakes imbalanced

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MOT Advisory: Front Brakes imbalanced

Postby LHM » Tue Sep 26, 2017 7:18 pm

Hi guys, I'm the new guy of the forum! I have put a deposit down on a Rocco R from a main dealer. I was suppose to collect the car tomorrow but it went for its MOT today and it got 3 advisorys, 1 of which was: Front brakes imbalanced requirements only just met. It would appear that the braking system requires adjustment or repair (3.7.B.5b)

I test drove the vehicle last week and commented to the salesman that when I used the brakes the steering wheel wobbled. I told him if I was to buy this car I want this resolved. I was fobbed off at the time saying it was because the car had been stood for a week or so without the brakes being used. I said I appreciate that, but, even so it's not normal for the steering wheel to wobble under braking and that I want it resolving before I take delivery of the car.

The dealer told me this afternoon that they will resolve all 3 of the MOT advisorys (the other 2 advisorys were tyre related) and that they will change the discs and pads on the front. If the replacement of the discs and pads does NOT resolve the imbalance what else could it be? Also, is this steering wobble while braking related to the MOT's advisory of the brake imbalance?

Any comments would be appreciated.
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