Low oil pressure, vaccum is fixed.

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Low oil pressure, vaccum is fixed.

Postby Moza » Sun Nov 07, 2021 4:51 pm

I'm doing my best to repair my 2010 2.0gttdi myself. I've diagnosed vaccum pump failure and have fitted a new one and that sorted my brakes out and the turbo issue has gone. The low oil pressure warning came straight back on after I cleared the codes so I'm wondering what I need next. My initial thoughts are a new oil pump but reading on the net I see balance shafts wear out its a common issue. I've read this on an Audi forum so I'm unsure if my car has balance shafts. I'd like advice of what I should buy ready to fit. Should i order a new pump or a hex rod or balance shaft. Any help. Would be appreciated so I can get my car on the road again.
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