2016 TSI 1.4 Stereo removal and Android replacement

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2016 TSI 1.4 Stereo removal and Android replacement

Postby Jason8 » Sat Nov 03, 2018 7:22 pm

Hello All
This is a two or three part question and really aimed at Android enthusiasts so bear with me..
I currently own a Passatt with a very early (2014) Android head unit which I fitted, nice easy job and has worked like a charm.
Now, I have just bought a Scirocco 2016 1.4 TSI and looking to do a similar thing. It seems like while I've been away things have changed with VW's out of the box audio.
I *think* my new car (not yet picked up) has a Discover Media MIB2 system which if I'm correct has Android Auto built in (?).
So here goes, is this unit any good and importantly what can I add to it? I'll need some convincing because it looks like a 6.25in screen which is already nearly enough for me to bin it.
Can I connect a DVR to it, reverse cam, ODB etc etc the usual array of things to twiddle with whilst waiting outside the supermarket ;)

--OR-- Can I replace this unit with a nice new Android 8 head. Most of the Android heads around have the slightly wedged appearance (wider at the top) but the MIB2 looks very 'square', or parallel if you will.
Do I have to go with a square one or is a fascia replacement required?
Also, I note from trolling round the head unit sales websites that strangely everything seems to be catered for up to 2013 and the very occasional 2015 unit but I just do not seem to be able to find ANY website that states Android head unit for 2016 Scirocco!
I'm wondering if there's an issue with upgrading more recent vehicles, maybe a can bus issue, or not possible to remove the factory units?

So you see I'm a bit in the dark here at the moment and any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm tech savvy and able to do most of these type of things so I should be able to follow any advise (although I have no experience in vag).
Thanks people
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Re: 2016 TSI 1.4 Stereo removal and Android replacement

Postby davidscirocco » Mon Nov 05, 2018 2:41 pm

i think you should take some time with it and see if you like the stereo unit. if not i will be more than happy to take it from you :)
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