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Postby FLASHHEART » Sat Dec 12, 2020 7:31 pm

After any advice on this, few posts regarding airbag error but this is slightly different, sooo fitted old dashcam that had previously been in my previous rocco, plug into lighter socket type ( transcend drive pro ) started centre windscreen moving along headlining to passenger A pillar which holds an airbag icon at top, i pushed cable inbetween windscreen and a pillar with a plastic trim tool, couple of times i jabbed at it to get it in just so was tucked in, anyway traced down back along dash
down side of dash and under glovebox to cigarette lighter, job done, i also had removed os headlight unit to check for leak as had condensation in unit, upon replacing noticed wiring connector pins on unit itself were bent and touched very gently and felt was about to snap, replaced said unit and connector very gently fearing pins would snap upon reconnection, checked lights and had lost both sets of sidelights, to eliminate just a blown fuse, at this point had no ref from handbook or car as to which fuse was sidelights, so went through each one individually, open completion turned ign on, no instrument panel light up, nothing. so figured id replaced last one to wrong position, so with ign on, moved said fuse so i could see when instrument panel info came back on...worked happy days, next time start up airbag error on dash....have disconn battery and reconn no joy, checked under passenger seat to check connections, all appear question is, is the warning more likely to be related to pulling fuse when ignition on, or when ive been fitting the dashcam? ie how sensitive would interior of passenger A pillar be? i would have thought that tapping dashcam cable into edge of it wouldnt be enough to register any disturbance within that trim /panel...or am i wrong? and am i now looking at resetting warning light via vcds or is there another way? regarding sidelights i am pretty sure the connector pin that was bent has now snapped hence loss of sidelights....headlights are ok still...any help would be appreciated.
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