Rust underneath.

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Rust underneath.

Postby Zanic L3 » Sat Jan 13, 2018 8:12 pm

Hello guys,

After scratching the underneath today on a f*cking threshold that was placed way too high I checked out the underneath of the car and noticed some amount of rust on a pipe with a hole. I first thought it was a pole with fluids or something that might be leaking but I'm guessing it's just a reinforced holding pipe or something as it wasn't wet.

Does the amount of rust/corrosion/wear seem ok for a 2009 2.0 TSI?
I don't know if the previous owner kept the car parked in a garage or just outside. The car has been sitting in a garage for the last few when it became in my possession. The outside of the car looks like new, no scratches, no damage apart from a few scratched on the rims and the underneath of the bumper it still handles very sharp and sportive.

The color of the rust comes out more vibrant due to the flash of the camera.

Should I be worried or... Am I nitpicking/paranoid?
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Re: Rust underneath.

Postby blower » Sat Jan 13, 2018 11:10 pm

Definitely normal, its just surface rust - that's the rear subframe and with all the stone chips you get back there over the years it always rusts.....i've seen far far worse on cars less older.
Road salt in the winter months is what causes that sort of rust .

Btw the holes in the subframe are to allow any water to drain out.
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