Loose / Light Steering Feel - intermittent

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Loose / Light Steering Feel - intermittent

Postby blower » Wed Feb 07, 2018 6:36 pm


Does anyone with a scirocco sometimes feel the steering goes excessively light? - but only for a day or so but then goes back to normal weighted after a while, only for it to go light again.

When i say light in feel, i mean overly power assisted - so that it looses the normal weighted feel you have and can just feel loose, with more play around the centre than there should be and generally just a somewhat limp feel.

Now this is not a mechanical problem like tie rod ends, or worn control arm bushings / ball joints / rack & pinion steering rack play / upper strut mounts etc.
This is a problem which can come and go with seemingly no reason.

It's not like it will suddenly become loose whilst driving - it will change from one start up to the next....usually changing overnight, and noticed on the first startup the next day.

I have had this issue for the past 6 months or so - and have been trying to get to the bottom of it.
As above, it's not a mechanical issue - most of my front end has been refreshed with new control arms, strut mounts etc...and even a new steering rack (having exhausted other possibilities, i put it down to a fault with the rack so managed to get a genuine new rack for a really good price and thought what the hell i'll give it a go). However the rack made no real difference to this intermittent issue.

Neither is this an alignment issue, i have had a hunter full alignment and it checked at another place - with everything in spec, i have also reset the steering angle numerous times....i have all the kit - VCDS, and VW's ODIS so can do the full steering angle calibration as per a dealership.

I have even gone as far as reflash the rack with new parametric steering curves (via ODIS) - putting a Golf R curve on for a much tighter feel. This has reduced the severity of the issue, but its masking it just because this curve in general has less power assist.
When i get a day with normal steering, this new Golf R curve feels great, really weighted and responsive....but even that setup can go a bit loose some days.

So i have ruled out alignment, mechanical issues, the steering rack itself. I have reflashed the ABS module, and done all the basic settings & calibration on that too....the reason being is that the steering assist module is influenced by the ABS module, due to the DSR (Dynamic Steering Recommendation) settings on the ABS module, adjusting steering assist level depending on speed.

I have logged wheel speed sensors with VCDS - they are all tracking correctly.

I have boiled it down to 2 possibilities:

-ABS module: intermittent issue with its influence via DSR.
-DCC system (Dynamic Chassis Control)

Which brings me to why i'm posting here in particular...I actually have a Golf mk6 with DCC, and i'm beginning to believe its the DCC system that is causing this problem.
Of course most scirocco's have DCC as standard, so if my hunch is right and this is a result of the DCC system not operating correctly then the issue would more likely pop up more on scirrocco's due to the prevalence of DCC on them.

For those who don't know the DCC system does tie into the Steering Assist module, adjusting steering weight depending on DCC mode...i'm also suspecting it's adjusting it based on what it thinks is the weight load on the car.

I am beginning to see a pattern emerge, the light steering feel seems to happen more often when i load the boot up - which in turn would be adjusting the level sensors.
I have done a recalibration of the DCC system (basic settings) - but this has made no difference.
It seems to take a day to reset from this once i unload the boot. I've also been doing some logging with VCDS on the level sensors and there does seem to be an occasional (but rare) spike on the reading from the front right sensor, so I will be replacing that shortly....i don't however hold out much hope that would affect it.

My next course of action (besides the sensor replacement) is to pull the connection to the DCC module all together and drive round with no DCC for a few days - see if the steering feel stays constant.
If i still get the issue then it's not the DCC system, which leaves me only with the ABS module.

By the way, before anyone chimes in....no fault codes...and VAG has had electromechanical steering since 2004, so its not power steering fluid / pump :D
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Re: Loose / Light Steering Feel - intermittent

Postby blz-8027 » Thu Oct 11, 2018 8:18 pm

did you ever get an answer on this question?
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