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Re: My Stage 2 1.4 TSI CAVD Scirocco

PostPosted: Sun Dec 22, 2019 7:12 pm
by spuf
As always, looking great!! Hope you enjoy them after getting your licence back.
Happy holidays to everyone :Dx :Dx :Dx :Dx :Dx :Dx

Re: My Stage 2 1.4 TSI CAVD Scirocco

PostPosted: Wed Dec 25, 2019 6:35 pm
by Malox
buy the keys of the scirocco 2015 with red lighting and replace them with those of the golf 7
buy the 549 CH steering unit and the scirocco 2015 airbag cable and the steering wheel will work
for lighting you need to make two small solders

Re: My Stage 2 1.4 TSI CAVD Scirocco

PostPosted: Tue Jan 07, 2020 4:33 pm
by vladandrei51
I don't really care about the buttons to be honest with you, even with previous cars I never used them. Got the steering wheel solely for looks and I was well aware the buttons won't work (within simple/affordable means anyway).
Maybe will make them work if I get really bored and get out of ideas.

Do you know if I can make the lighting of the buttons work without any additional parts btw? That would be a nice aesthetic improvement. Do you have a tutorial or something I can provide to someone who can do the solders?

Re: My Stage 2 1.4 TSI CAVD Scirocco

PostPosted: Thu Jun 11, 2020 1:52 pm
by vladandrei51
Ok, If you were to ask me ~6-12 months ago I would've told you that I will never make such a post but last week I traded my car for an extremely well loaded E60 530d LCI M-pack. I sometimes regret not getting the 535d since I found a nice one in the same price range but after owning the 1.4 TSI and having to do somewhere in the neighborhood of a shit ton of preventive maintenance just to be sure the engine won't blow up, I went with the 530.

As far as the Scirocco is concerned:
- I bought the scirocco specific MFSW buttons but never managed to install them;
- the driver's window stopped working so I had to replace the window regulator (had a really hard time finding one, mind you)
- I replaced the boot stoppers or whatever are those called twice just to realize it was the lack of the spare tire that made my whole boot area rattle.

Now, the car was/is in excellent shape, since the last oil change I did ~5k km, not a lot but mostly was town driving, mostly high revs after oil got to > 75C temp and there was 0 sign of oil consumption or any mechanical issues really, It honestly felt like I could drive to china and back full throttle all the way and not have a single issue.

Now, why I sold the car, in case anyone here is interested or cares:
- the whole car was rattling like C.R.A.Z.Y, especially the last 2 months: driver's seatbelt area (B pillar), where windshield connects with the dash, passager door, FKING BOOT (different rattle :D ), driver's door and also basically everywhere when going on not-perfect roads. It really ruined my driving experience. As stupid as it sounds, this was my number 1 and the most "powerful" reason behind this.
- rust started to appear everywhere, it's like I'm keeping the car in a salt mine.
- I wanted (and managed to get) more fancy things like sunroof, light/rain sensor, high beam assist, big OEM navi screen, bi-xenon, 7-series-like fully electric with memory seats, etc.
- I wanted RWD (I am too scared to touch the DTC button yet :D ).

Although I was and still am sad about no longer having her, my biggest regret is that I didn't sell the car to a car enthusiast so I feel like all the modifications, research, money/time spent, etc, are now without a single meaning.

For anyone reading, I first created this topic to highlight all the modifications you need to make sure your CAVD engine won't blow up on you and also my feedback on some popular ones (de-cat, stage1/2, etc), instead of just having a "journal", so I really hope I was able to help some people if they own a 1.4 TSI from this generation or planning to do so.

Cya in other threads here I suppose :(