Baycruiser's Rising Rocco

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Baycruiser's Rising Rocco

Postby Baycruiser » Sun Oct 08, 2017 8:13 pm


might as well open a topic here about my rising rocco :yes:

got it about 2 weeks now, and its a great car really.
its "only" a 1.4 but the compressor & turbo doing a great job :clap: :clap:
but now pic's!,their not the best quality, but it should do for now!

first day

my outside view 8) 8) (wife's golf & my other pride :nod: )

new 19" (replica)wheels with some curb damage, and some left over plastidip from the previouse owner...
been removing the dip for the entire day today, and their looking sooo much better now :D (no pictures yet)
sanded of some of the curb damage, and will plastidip them again soon!

and yes i need lowering... but im not sure on the how & what yet... since i cant find any 40MM springs, and im not sure about coils
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