Scirocco Central Window Stickers

We're now offering Scirocco Central window stickers for your beloved car!

We've taken careful consideration regarding the size. They're 20cm long and fit between the rear window heating elements and they're also narrow enough to fit in the side windows, again, without going over the heaters. This means there is no danger of the letters discolouring, melting or being 'welded' into the glass by the elements.

They also read the correct way round in your rear view mirror and do not hinder your view at all.




How do you fit them?


  • Clean the glass using either a regular glass cleaner or a little bit of soapy water and dry it off.

  • Make sure the sticker is the right way up and use some masking tape at both ends to ensure you have it level on the glass and between the heating elements.

  • Smooth over the sticker with a credit card to make sure it's completely adhered to the backing tape on both sides.

  • Take the masking tape off one side and gently peel away a corner of the glass-side of the backing tape nearest to the side still taped to the glass.

  • Slowly remove the rest of the backing tape.

  • Keeping the remaining backing tape taught, smooth the sticker on to the glass as you go across.

  • Remove any bubbles with a credit card along the backing tape.

  • Slowly remove the backing tape ensuring the letters are stuck to the glass.

  • You're done!

How much do they cost?

They are
£3.00 for one
£5.50 for two
£7.50 for three

All prices include P&P

So how do you get one?

Simple, just choose how many you want, put your name and address in the box and click the paypal button below.

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